What Our Clients Say

“I was so worried about having strangers in my house, but now I feel very comfortable. Your people are prompt, friendly, and very helpful. One or two of them are even starting to feel like family. Thank you.”


81 year old patient

“When Dad died, I was so worried I wouldn’t be able to take care of Mom by myself. Your company has meant my mother can live in her own home and still get the help she needs to stay healthy. Your people have been a God send.”


Daughter of 78 year old patient

I work for Veterans Home Care we help Veterans and surviving spouses get a person through the VA. Our partnership with Angels Home Health has allowed our clients to receive the care they need to remain in their homes.

Beth Oconno

“We have a team of people to handle the medical appointments, the prescriptions, the day-to-day pain management and so much more. This means I can just slow down and really be with my father during this difficult time. We’re having time to just talk and I know it means the world to him.”


Daughter of patient with terminal illness

Ruth is caring and professional, her agency provides exceptional service and care. I highly recommend this home care health agency for anyone who has a loved one in need!

Dr. John G

I can say with all honesty, I do not know how I would have gotten through this period in my life if I had not found Angela’s Angels. The level of care for my parents and personal support provided for me was beyond what my expectations ever could have been. My father had been battling cancer for 2 years and took and abrupt turn for the worse last summer. My mother is severely mentally ill and he had been caring for her on his own for many years. When we realized my father would need to be placed on hospice our initial plan was to have he and my mom placed in a facility together, but at the last minute my father said he wanted to be at home with my mom when he passed away. I contacted Ruth at Angela’s Angels and she arranged care for both my parents within 24 hours. I’ll never forget that day and the feeling I had knowing my father’s last wishes could be granted thanks to her and our team. The care for my father was the best I could have asked for and the caregiver was able to manage my mom as well. When my father passed away we continued to use their services to care for my mother. To say my mom is difficult is an extreme understatement. For years my father had struggled to get her to do the basic things – shower, brush her teeth, eat anything other than processed food…I could not believe my eyes the first time I walked in and saw my mom showered, properly dressed and sitting at the dinner table ready to eat a healthy, home cooked meal! In the end my mom’s needs were too great and she needed to be placed in a facility with doctors on staff, but the mark Ruth and her staff left on me and my family will never be forgotten. I am beyond grateful and recommend anyone who is looking for care to use their services. Thank you Angela’s Angels!

Sharon Fernandes