What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational therapists (OTs) focus on daily tasks, the roles and routines that fill up a person’s day and give meaning to who we are as individuals. Tasks that were once effortless can become challenging following an acute or chronic injury. Ignite Rehab’s OTs critically assess their patient’s tasks, the occupations of their life, and create a customized treatment plan to achieve the patient-specific goals.

What conditions do Occupational Therapists treat?

Our high-caliber OTs treat patients with a variety of acute or chronic injuries and/or other diagnoses through individualized rehabilitative approaches. Ignite Rehab OTs are all board certified while maintaining proper state licensure and continuing education credits. We also have Certified Hand Therapist’s (CHTs) readily available to assist with any specific upper extremity injury.

Some common conditions we treat include:

Post-surgical conditions (Total Hip/Knee Replacement, etc.)
Post-stroke or cardiac-related events
Pain Management (i.e. back/knee pain, or discomfort)
Traumatic injuries (fractures, ligament tears, etc.)
Peripheral Neuropathy
Osteoarthritis and other joint related diagnoses
Sports-related injuries
Ergonomic or work-related injuries
Fall prevention & safety
Variety of hand/wrist/elbow/and shoulder injuries

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